Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spicing up our fish tank.

I did this project back in December, and thought it was high time I posted it. For Christmas, two of my girls were given fish tanks. They were SO excited!!  I was happy for them. If you know me, you know that I like things matching. I'm obsessed that everything in my kitchen is red, white, and/or blue. As excited as everyone was about getting fish, I wasn't too excited to have these tanks sitting on my counters. It isn't just the tank, there is a mess of wires and tubes also. Ugg. I HATE wires too. Here is my neat little fix for my frustrations with the tanks. 

What an awesome idea...I put scrapbook paper on the back of the tank! I had some red, white, and blue paper left over from a project, so I pulled that out and got to work.

I laid the paper on the back of the fish tank and folded it around the corners and made the best crease I could.

I then cut along the crease and taped it to the back of the tank.

Super easy, and the paper helped so much. The tanks now match my kitchen theme AND they hide the wires and tubes behind the tank...for the most part.

The fish tanks came with the blue rocks...perfect, it matches! They also came with the plants too. I'm not loving the plants because they don't match the color scheme, it drives me crazy, I just haven't looked for different plants. 

Note for the future. These lasted about two months...until my two year old started playing with the water in the tank and got the paper wet...and killed the fish. Lesson learned. Next time, I will try gluing them down with Mod Podge or something similar, so they are sealed somewhat.

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