Monday, November 19, 2012

Cute Little Magnet board and easy magnets!

Every fall ladies from our Church get together and do a craft night. This year I took a leap and did a craft. I think it turned out adorable. 

 I don't have any picture of the process to make them, but it is super easy.

Supplies :
  • Small piece of metal (I get mine from Lowes in the roofing area for about $1. 
  • Fabric that is about the size of a fat can use a piece that is a little smaller. 
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Ribbon (I used 24'')
  • Crop-o-dile 
I didn't iron my fabric, and it turned out just fine. 

  1. Cut fabric down to a little larger than the metal 
  2. Lay fabric down and put metal on top of it. Hot glue one side of the fabric
  3. Hot glue the opposite side, but stretch the fabric tightly to get out any wrinkles
  4. Hot glue two reminding sides while stretching fabric when need be.
  5. Use a Crop-o-dile and punch holes into the metal.
  6. String ribbon through it's ready to hang.   
Super easy! 

These magnets were SO easy! I got magnets from Hobby Lobby and gems that were about the same size and just glued the gems on. Love!