Sunday, August 12, 2012

Easiest ever coasters

One of my cousins that is like a sister to me is getting married soon. Today I got to attend her bridal shower. I had an amazing time. It was a kitchen theme shower. The bride got so many kitchen things. Sweet!

For my gift to her, I had to make it (because I've been wanting to craft)! I came across this simple tutorial on making felt coasters HERE on Better Homes and Garden's site.

I took my own little spin on it....

These were even easier than the Better Homes and Garden's take. Yipee!

Materials for a set of 4:
1 sheet adhesive backed felt
1 sheet felt (the kind with designs are fun!)
1 pack adhesive gemstones (my pack had enough for more than 8 coasters)
White pencil


  • Remove backing on the adhesive backed felt
  • Place normal felt on the adhesive felt sheet
  • Mark out 4 inch squares on felt and cut *make sure your squares are about the same size (I used one as a guide to trim up the others)
  • Place gemstones on the outer edge of the felt squares
LOVE how they turned out! Plus....shhh, they were super cheap...about $6. $1 for each adhesive backed sheet of felt, $.50 for each sheet of designed felt, and $3 for the gemstones. Everything else I had on hand. My sister in law also helped me create these and she had the wonderful suggestion for the placement of the gemstones.

I made 8 coasters and also gave 8 cups to go with them.