Wednesday, June 27, 2012

USA Sign

I'm all about painting. I love it. I was so excited to realize that 4th of July was coming up (somehow June just got away from me) meant I could make another sign for outside my front door.

I'm so excited with how well it turned out and the fact that it was super easy.

I've had some planks of wood hanging around for a while, so I took one and painted it red, white, and blue separating it with painters tape.

After the paint was dry, I used E6000 to glue some USA floral ribbon on to the sides. Just make sure you  press down firmly and get the glue to spread out. I left it alone for a while, and it stays just fine.

It was looking awesome! I love how the ribbon turned out.

Last step...I cut out letters in vinyl with my Silhouette. Thankfully, I had red vinyl on hand. If I didn't, I could have painted it on using the vinyl as a stencil.

I LOVE how it tuned out! I couldn't be happier. When 4th of July is over, this awesome sign will go in my kitchen that has the whole Americana theme.