Monday, July 1, 2013

Plastic drawer redo

A few months ago we were given these plastic drawers. I thought...perfect for my girls little toys. The same day I gave them the drawers, they colored all over them with sharpie. Since then, they have used them on and off. Mostly off. I'm still missing a drawer from a second set, because they didn't take care of them. 

I confiscated the drawers for myself. I sprayed on some primer for plastic spray paint on everything. (Lowes, less than $6). After an hour, I was able to put on the spray paint. I already had the gray and blue, but they were less than $4 at Lowes.

I am totally in love with how they came out! Now to figure out what to put in them. 
*note, I did not spray the inside of the drawers. Just the outside.