Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fix up those old earrings

I have a few favorite pairs of earrings. Sadly, one of them was just nasty looking. My cool spiral metal earrings were in sad shape. One of the earrings was missing the fish hook finding and the other's was not silver anymore...no way I was going to put that in my ear. 

Who knew it could be so easy to make my awesome earrings usable again? 

Supplies needed:
  • Sad earrings that need their fish hook finding replaced (FYI: 'findings' are the little components that make jewelry).
  • a pack of fish hook earring findings (I got this pack at Joanns, but Micheals and Hobby Lobby have them too). 
  • Pliers (I got these at Hobby Lobby in the Jewelry section).

Step 1: Hold the fish hook with your fingers and hold the little loop with the pliers. (notice, I am not holding it with my fingers...I needed to take the picture). 

Step 2: Slowly pull the loop apart until there is enough space for the earring to come off. (Yes, I had my amazing husband take a picture of this, since I don't have 3 hands).

Step 3: Take the earring off the old nasty fish hook finding.

Step 4: Repeat step 1 & 2 for the new fish hook finding.

Step 5: Slip earring on and close it up the loop by carefully moving the wire back into place.

I repeated steps 4 & 5 for the earring that was missing the finding.

I'm so thrilled with how they turned out and that I can wear these neat looking earrings again. Yippee! You can also do this with other style of earrings! Go look in your jewelry box and see what you can revitalize!

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  1. Those are really cute, Kat! You are the jewelry queen these days! :)