Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cute braided bracelet

My new obsession is polymer clay. It is SO fun! I am currently work on a few items to sell on etsy using polymer clay. 

Here is one of the fun projects I've done....

So adorable. It's really too bad that I am not use to wearing bracelets. I found the adorable tutorial HERE on Delighted Mama's website. For the record, she makes it look so easy. isn't hard to make these bracelets, but it does take some practice to get the snake/worm thing perfectly even. Here is my attempt to do them.

Roll out 3 snake/worm shapes. This was the part that took the longest time. When I did my dark purple bracelet, the clay was quite stiff (despite me conditioning it) and it took forever to roll them out. However, it is the one that ended up being the most uniform.

When you're done rolling them out, just braid the clay together.

Measure it against another bracelet that you know fits and cut the ends off...then smush the ends together and work them into each other. Carefully lay the bracelet into a circle on your baking pan (I used foil on a cookie sheet) and cook for the amount of time the clay says.

You end up with a beautiful product. I do have to warn...the thicker your snakes are, the more sturdy your bracelet will be. This bracelet got fairly skinny at the ends and it isn't very sturdy...but still cute.

My girls love these bracelets and they will have tons of fun wearing them. I don't know how much I'll wear them since I'm always cleaning up, picking up children, etc and bracelets aren't really conducive to that.

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