Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas crafts

To make life easier, I am making this all one post. 

For a little December craft night, I got the materials for a few ladies and myself to do. I found the instructions HERE  on "Learning to be me" blog. Everyone's nativities turned out super cute! 

 A little craft I did for fun and I was just goofing around....
I took metal platters from the $1 store and spray painted them. I then cut out the nativity on my Silhouette Cameo and put them on the platters. I was ghetto and hung them up with duck tape...easy and it worked.

This next project seemed so simple...but wasn't. My plan was to take white, red, and green polymer clay and cut out three different shapes of Christmas tree and turn them into ornaments...

Problem 1) the red clay was super hard and took about 30 min. of hard work per section to soften up.
Problem 2) I didn't buy enough clay to make as many as I needed
Problem 3) I made a huge batch with about 45 Ornaments with all 3 layers....and they ALL burned...not usable.

So....I modified it a little and made a simpler ornament. However, the original design is beautiful!

Supplies needed.....
Along with some jewlery pliers,  ribbon, rhinestones, and E6000.

 For the final design I just used the medium cutter, pushed the pin through the clay and cooked it. When they were cooled, I used pliers to twist the top of the pin and made a loop. I then glued the rhinestone on and put ribbon through the loop.

I think they turned out cute and am excited to figure out what I will make next year! 

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