Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I thought it was time

For the past few months I've really started to get into crafting more. Growing up, my mom was always doing some sort of craft and I too eventually got into a few neat crafty things. Once I moved away to go to college, I ceased using my creative mind for crafts. School took all my time and before I finished school, I started having kids. I had 3 kids by the time I was done with my Masters degree. I was too overwhelmed to even think about getting into projects I enjoyed. Heck, it often took me a year to finish a book...and I use to read a book a day as a teen. I then went and added a few more kids to the mix and even started homeschool. Boy was I stretched to the max.

Now, my youngest is 2 1/2 and I sent my kids to public school so I only have 2 kids at home during the day. Boy, life is so much easier now! Well, at least when the kids are in school :D. I have found myself with actual free time. No staying up late with a baby, no middle of the night nursing calls, no changing 4 kids' diapers all day long (yes, for a while I had to).

As a teen, I was very into making jewelry with the small seed beads. I can't wait until I can do that again. My youngest is only 2 and I fear that he would eat some tiny glass beads...which is probably not the best idea. Some day I'll get to enjoy that again. For now, I'm branching out and trying all sorts of neat craft ideas. I've really fallen in love with painting. Not painting pictures, just painting a piece of wood (or whatever) a solid color. There is something very soothing about that to me. I'm sure you will find me doing many project involving painting wood.

I can't wait to see where my journey takes me.                                                  

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