Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lucky blocks!

I'm going to start my blog off with one of my most recent crafts. After Valentine's day was over, it was time to jump into getting ready for St. Patrick's Day. This was the perfect project for me on a Sunday afternoon. 

We are in the process of building a table and we had some little blocks of wood left over...and the project was born. Here is the final project....

My entry to  the appliances online  crafty creations competition. You can enter too at Lil’luna!

I'm fairly certain I saw some pin on pinterest that had the word LUCK(Y) with some cute green decoration on it, and that word was perfect for this.

The Letters: I downloaded a neat Celtic font to give my blocks a little more Irish flare. Yes, I know the 'L' is a little different. It is lowercase because the capital 'L' wasn't very Celtic. I used my Silhouette to cut out the letters.

The Blocks: Here is the breakdown of how I did the blocks.

The "C": I painted some "Shamrock Green" on the edges, and then Mod Podged some cute scrapbook paper on. I then used more Mod Podge to glue down the "C" that was cut out of white card stock. Another layer of Mod Podge was used to seal the whole block up.

The "U" and "K": I used wood stain for these blocks (testing stains for the table). I cut out the letters from the cute shamrock paper on my Silhouette. A layer of Mod Podge to glue the letters down and another layer to seal the block. 

The "L" and "Y": I painted the blocks in Shamrock Green and Spring Green. I then cut out the letters using vinyl. I used the outline of the letter as a stencil and painted the opposite color on. I waited until the paint was very dry until I removed the vinyl. Some of the paint leaked a little, but it's all good. I then sealed the block with Mod Podge.

I'm so thrilled with how it came together! Each block is a little different, but it all coordinates.


  • 5 blocks any size you want. 
  • 2 different color green paint. I used Shamrock and Spring Green. 
  • 2 different color wood stain. I got mine for about $5/piece for a sample size at Lowes.
  • 1 12x12 sheet shamrock paper
  • Mod Podge. I used matte. 
  • White vinyl (for the letter 'c' and to use as a stencil for 'l' and 'y'. 
  • electronic cutting machine or letter stencils. 

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