Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adorable kitchen sayings

The Idea: Back in January, I found an idea I totally loved on Pinterest. They were cute kitchen printables that were playing on words. See original source here...adorable idea from Over the Big Moon's blog. However, my kitchen has a distinct color, white and blue. I tried to use their printables, but I would have had to go and change about 200+ little tiny pixels to be the right color. Ya, I didn't want to do that. I got this wonderful idea to use actual kitchen tools. Whoohoo.

A sneak peak at the after.....

Shopping: I totally scored a few weeks ago when Hobby Lobby was having a sale on all their unfinished wood. I snapped up the wooded spoon and to my amazement...I found tiny little rolling pins! I didn't know what I was going to do for the rolling pin, and this was just perfect. Next up was the grater. I knew Dollar Tree had red kitchen accessories...I really really hoped they had the grater. They did! They even had 2 different options. Whoohoo. Last up was the frames. I totally love Ikea. I knew they had to have cheap frames...and they didn't disappoint. They even had red and blue ( I stuck with just blue though because there are so many variations of red out there). I got each frame for $1.99 each. Sweet!

The process: Totally simple project.

I painted the spoon and rolling pin...
Why does blogger like to rotate my pictures???

I then printed off the sayings on to printer paper and put them in the frames. The frames came with a plastic film instead of glass and I just put the paper in front of it. I then used glue dots to attach the spoon, rolling pin, and grater.

Finished product: Super cute!

Gotta have close ups of all of them.

They look adorable up in their new home! I was afraid that they would be hard to see, but they are just fine. Yippee!

I love how the project turned out and for about $10 I have a little more decoration on top of my cabinets.

Materials List:

  • 3 frames
  • wood spoon
  • small wood rolling pin (found mine in a pack of 3 at Hobby Lobby in the unfinished wood section).
  • grater 
  • paint/brush 
  • glue dots
  • printer (color printer if you want your words in color)

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