Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cute spin on a magnet board

Last year, my amazing friend, Whitney, showed a bunch of ladies at Church how to make these cute magnet boards. Adorable. Check it out HERE. I made one, and it was such a hit with everyone I showed, that I made a few more. For all the details check out Whitney's blog. You have to buy the wood in a big 10 foot section. So, when I did this project on my own, I had Lowes cut it....apparently it was slightly longer than 10 feet and one board had a little extra length to it. IDEA! 

I made the magnet board as per Whitney's instructions...but then I got a basket from the $1 store and nailed it on to the bottom.

We love it! If you couldn't tell, we are using the magnet board for all of my girls Littlest pet shop animals. Sadly, they stopped putting magnets in the bottom of the feet, but no worries because we have a basket! make the girls keep the animals on the board :)


  1. What a great idea! So cute! Do My little Ponies still have magnets?

  2. Thanks Whitney :) I'm not sure about the poneis. I've heard they have/had them, but none of ours have them in the feet.