Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter quote board

I loved my St. Patrick's Day blessing board so much, that I wanted to do one for Easter. Well, time got away from me and the week before Easter was crazy with some unexpected family stuff, that I never got around to finishing this project. So, around 5pm on Easter day, I finished my quote board.

I started by sanding down the board and the wooded stakes. The stakes were really bad and needed quite a bit of sanding.

When I was done sanding, I wiped the wood down with a damp cloth to get the dust off. Then I was off to paint. I found a small sample of this awesome olive green color at Lowes. Samples are usually $3 I believe. I got an 8oz sample for $1.25 because it was a miss tint. <3 finding deals!

Then to paint the stakes. I chose pastel colors to keep it springy. If you choose to go with the distressed look (as mine are in the final product)...just let your kids play with them and bang them on each other and on your kitchen counter. ;)

On my Irish Blessing Board, the lettering was crooked. This time I changed it up. I printed all of the vinyl on one big sheet and I used a level to make sure it was put on straight. It was tricky, but my awesome husband helped.

A few letters didn't transfer over properly, so on Easter, I finally cut the missing letters out & put them on, used wood glue to put the stakes on and sealed the whole thing with some glossy Mod Podge. It looks great out by the front door, especially with the new door mat we got at Costco a few weeks ago. Tangent here...Costco has these awesome door mats for only $14. It's heavy duty too. Wish I could get another one for my back door. It looks SO much better than my old $10 door mat I got at Lowes almost 2 years ago.

Just so this beautiful color won't go to waste, I plan on using the back for some sort of Thanksgiving quote.

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